Face shields and masks both work to protect you from airborne contaminants but in different ways. Wearing a mask helps protect other people from your droplets. Put simply, it keeps your droplets within the constraints of the mask. A shield on the other hand, protects you from other people’s droplets. It keeps other people’s contaminants out. In fact, according to new research, wearing a face shield could block up to 68% of aerosol droplets (for example a cough or a sneeze).

The benefits of a clip on face shield

There are of course benefits to wearing both face shields and masks. However, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of wearing a clip on face shield.

Face shields protect the eyes

To date, evidence supports claims that COVID-19 may be transferred through the mucous membranes in the eyes. Face shields protect the eyes therefore preventing droplets from entering the eye area. As a result, offering significant protection against the risk of contagion this way.

Better communication

A huge pro for wearing a face shield over a mask is the ability to continue communicating clearly. A mask can sometimes make conversation muffled or hard to understand. Whereas a face shield is clear and away from the face. Therefore, people can still see facial expressions, and sound isn’t distorted. This is particularly helpful in loud environments such as construction sites, factory floors and hair salons.

Impossible to wear incorrectly

Clip on face shields are ideal in working environments because they can’t be worn incorrectly (unlike face masks, which are often worn incorrectly below the nose or below the chin). A clip on face shield is quick and easy to attach and offers excellent protection to workers.

Reusable and cleanable

Face shields are reusable and cleanable making them a better investment for your business. Our clip on reusable face visors can be safely cleaned for repeat use and without impact to the overall quality.

Fit away from the face

A big problem with face masks is users touching them in order to readjust or take them off. This increases the risk of the virus transferring from the mask to the hands then to the next surface that the hands touch. Furthemore, by repeatedly touching the mask a wearer is more likely to touch their face. A face shield reduces this risk as it does not touch the face, and doesn’t require constant adjustment.

Easier to breathe

A common complaint of people who wear a mask is that it’s harder to breathe, or a feeling of being claustrophobic. While it has been proven that wearing a face mask does not impact oxygen levels in the blood, it can make breathing feel more strenuous. A face shield sits away from the face with three open sides which reduces the feeling of restriction and keeps the wearer cool.


Following on from the above, a clip on face shield is extremely comfortable (especially in comparison to a mask). Our baseball cap face shields for example, simply clip onto the peak of the cap, are super lightweight and made of PET thermoplastic, allowing for unimpaired vision.

Face masks or face shields?

Currently, there is no definitive scientific evidence that one is better than the other however, face shields offer proven protection against Coronavirus and are comfortable and effective for the wearer. This is especially important in workplace environments to ensure productivity isn’t impacted and employees feel safe.

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