A plastic face shield is an effective way to help slow the spread of Coronavirus when physical social distancing isn’t possible. What’s more, they’re reusable, easy-to-clean and provide full face protection, including the eyes. Alongside hand hygiene products, the number of face shields for sale has skyrocketed. NHS, Keyworkers, Service Industries and Manufacturers are all investing in protective face shields.

Here are a few of the best reasons you may want to consider investing in a plastic face shield.

The Benefits

Face shields come in various forms, but all extend below the chin anteriorly and to the ears laterally. They have no exposed gap between the forehead and the shield’s headpiece. Therefore offering full protection of the face. This is especially important as the World Health Organisation (WHO) is not ruling out the possibility that Covid-19 may be airborne. Additionally, shields have less impact on communication and interaction due to their clear, anti-fog design. Studies on face shields are not common. However, one cough simulation study in 2014 suggests that a shield can reduce a person’s viral exposure to a cough expelled less than 18 inches away by 96%.

In fact, Business Insider spoke to face mask researcher and professor Ben Cowling, who studies infectious disease control at the University of Hong Kong. Ben Cowling wears a mask when he’s in public and says masks are not a perfect solution. He also said it’s worth exploring different ways of protecting ourselves when out and about.

“I can imagine that we could find something even better than a surgical mask, because the surgical mask wasn’t designed especially for this purpose,” he said. “They weren’t designed to stop respiratory virus transmission specifically, although they do work quite well.”

PPE Face Shield Uk

Stephens Gaskets is a leading UK manufacturer. As a result, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver quality face shields that are safe. All our face shields are CE marked and fully certified to EN166 standards. They offer high levels of protection against airborne viruses and pathogens. Furthermore, they are of high quality with a strong white clip design and universal sizing.
Our reusable visors can shield against moving particles that occur from coughs and sneezes. As a result, helping to lower the risk of viruses spreading, especially within the workplace.

If you’d like to discuss face shields for your business then get in touch today by calling 0121 544 5808 or email us at sales@stephensgaskets.co.uk. If you have found this blog helpful, you may wish to read our previous blog on Face Shields in the UK.