If you are looking for medical face shield visors in the UK then look no further than Stephens Gaskets. Healthcare professionals have been using medical visors for a long time. However, they have never been more important than they are now. Over recent months, studies have been showing that coronavirus can be contracted from one person to another via tiny aerosol droplets projected into the air via coughs, sneezes and even talking. With this in mind, a medical face shield visor is the most effective way to prevent infection in the workplace.

As such, the government is recommending wearing face masks in public places. However, healthcare professionals have been warning that face masks aren’t effective at keeping the person wearing them safe from COVID-19. What they are doing is preventing the wearer from transmitting the disease themselves. So, what about medical visors?

Medical face shield visors UK

face shield not only covers the nose and mouth. It also protects the eyes, which is important when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, a face visor can also prevent you from touching your eyes and face. This is another way that coronavirus spreads.

In addition to effective protection, face visors are also more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also do not restrict the wearer’s ability to breathe. Moreover, they’re reusable and easy to clean. Additionally, face shields are transparent, which makes it easier to communicate while wearing one.

Who should wear a face shield?

Face shields are especially important for those who are returning to work. It helps ensure they feel safe and are protected. At Stephens Gaskets we have dental visors, hairdresser visors, construction visors and have the ability to create bespoke visors should you require.

However, medical visors are particularly important. This is because healthcare workers interact with more potentially infected people on a regular basis. Therefore they require a greater level of protection than the average person.

How to find the right face shield

If you’re searching for a face shield for your business then get in touch with Stephens Gaskets today by calling 0121 544 5808 or email us at sales@stephensgaskets.co.uk. Our face shields are CE marked and made from PET plastic for a quality guarantee. Furthermore, they’re made right here in the UK in our West Midlands based factory, which means we have extremely fast turnaround times.

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