Some things in life are so important yet almost invisible. It’s only when they’ve disappeared that you notice the difference. In our case at Stephens Gaskets it’s our precision shim washers.

As shim washer manufacturers, we’re past masters at understanding the vital importance of shim washer properties.  


Precision Shim Washers UK

Look around your workshop and you’ll see evidence everywhere of the value of shim washers. They keep the engines running and the wheels turning on the your vehicles. They ensure the machines continue to run without any hiccups. Ultimately, you could argue that shim washer materials are pivotal in securing your revenue and making you business a success.

But it’s not just at the workshop where you’ll find the benefit of a precision shim washer. Just a cursory glance around you own home will highlight how prevalent shim washer properties are. Almost every appliance from cookers, and TVs, to fridges and furniture comprise of precision shim washers. The shim washers help to ensure that all the small components that help to run everything in your house, work properly.


Shim Washer Materials

If you’re a fan of flat packed furniture, for example, you’ll understand how important all shim washer materials are to ensuring the small components are in good working order. Our precision shim washer fill the gaps between two working elements. These could be an engine or they could be a chair. Makes no difference, shim washer materials are the key for their success as products

Each day, thousands and thousands of our precision shim washers are used in all types of products. It’s not small boast that they keep our world working.

Essentially, shim washers are very small spacers that enable appliances or components to fit tighter and thus work better. They can help to provide a surface for building on or added support for a machine to work safely and reliably.


Stephens Gaskets

As shim washer manufacturers, our precision shim washers are manufactured to the highest specifications. Shim washers can be produced in bulk in a range of widths and sizes, from 0.1 millimetres to one millimetre in thickness. Our precision shim washer can also be produced in a a huge variety of materials. This helps shim washers to blend with the components of different each material. This includes materials such as brass, aluminium, leather,  rubber, felt, foam and plastic.


Bespoke Service

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