If masks are causing you discomfort or leading to occupational hazards then a face shield hat might be an ideal alternative. Face shields are sometimes more comfortable, but still ensure your employees are safe. A baseball cap visor offers another means of deterring COVID-19. However, you may find it easier and more practical to wear, especially in certain work environments.

Stephens Gasket’s innovative baseball cap visor features a clear plastic shield. The shield covers the entire face, from the forehead down to the chin or lower, that then attaches easily to a baseball cap.

What is a safety face shield?

Healthcare settings have been using face shields for decades. However, the PPE is now becoming essential for many other industries too. In its simplest form a face shield is a curved plastic panel. You can wear them over the face as a protective barrier. As a result, shielding the wearer from airborne contaminants such as coronavirus.

At Stephens Gaskets we have gone even further to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers. With this in mind, we have proudly been designing a baseball cap with a face shield design. The visor is made from quality PET thermoplastic. When designing it, we have ensured you can clip them onto baseball caps. Furthermore, it is finished with an anti-fog coating. With these shield kits, using the polypropylene clips included, you can mount the face shields onto the cap to create a cost-effective shield solution.

Are face shields effective?

Significantly, studies show that face shields can reduce viral exposure by 96% when worn within 18 inches of a cough, and by 92% at the currently recommended 6 feet of social distancing. The face shield also reduced the surface contamination of a respirator by 97%.

Key benefits of face shields?

  • Droplet protection directly in front of the wearer (but not to the sides or underneath the shield).
  • The wearer’s face and facial expressions can be seen, which may be important when caring for some residents.
  • Some types of face shields may be cleaned, disinfected, and reused (depending on the manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Provide eye protection that a surgical mask cannot give.

Here at Stephens Gaskets, our goal is to offer our clients the support they need to protect their employees as well as their customers. We are currently safely and swiftly producing our safety face shields for orders big and small and will continue to do so.

For more information please call 0121 544 5808 or email sales@stephensgaskets.co.uk

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