In large machines, it’s often the overlooked items that make all the difference. Indeed, the importance of shim washer uses cannot be underestimated for the smooth running of anything from a truck, to an item of machinery in a factory.

Shims are often wafer thin material that support something or fill in a space. So shim washer uses in machinery, for example, can be adjusting the space between two parts. By filling that space, the shim reduces the wear and tear of both objects keeping them protected. Although the shim is often thin, its thickness can vary according to the space you’re trying to fill.

So shim washer uses are there to help absorb friction and tolerances between two pieces of machinery. In other words, they act as compensators.

Most businesses are unaware that many engineered items on the factory floor are not machined to perfection. This means that shims are used to fill in the unnecessary gaps. This can be vital for the smooth running of the machines, and ultimately for the successful trading of the company.

Shim Washer Uses….. above all, very important for the health of a business.

As well as ensuring the machine runs smoothly, shim washers also help to keep maintenance and support costs to a minimum. If you don’t use precision-made shim washers, your machinery could be costing you a lot more than you thought.

It’s also worth noting that shims and washers often get confused with each other. As shim experts, here at Stephens Gaskets, we feel it’s time to make sure you know the difference. Ironically, in some cases shims and washers are used for very similar purposes and may even be interchangeable. However, a shim is mostly used as a spacer, while a washer is often used to help distribute a load for any type of threaded fastener.

We have decades of experience manufacturing shim washers and shim washer uses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your machinery.


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