Stephens Gaskets a West Midlands based manufacturer, donated personal protective equipment to NHS and healthcare workers. The move has been made in the hope of helping COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts.

The scarcity of PPE is a problem faced by healthcare workers at the frontline in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in many hospitals. In response to this, the company donated thousands of PPE ( items for healthcare workers. This is to help ensure their protection against the virus as they work to protect others.

Piers Baynton, Senior Engineer at  Stephens Gaskets said: “Stephens Gaskets are very pleased to be able to provide much needed PPE to the front-line staff across the UK. Hopefully the donations will help our brilliant NHS maintain the important services they provide during this time. We are extremely proud to be part of it and will continue to help however we can.”

PPE Suppliers in the UK

The company has increased production capacity to 2 million Face Shields per month. As a result, it is currently delivering to frontline NHS, Doctors surgeries and care homes across the country. As well as high street hospitality chains such as Wagamama’s, Frankie & Benny’s, manufacturing and construction companies. They wanted to ensure that the face visors reached NHS staff and healthcare facilities as quickly as possible. Therefore Stephens Gaskets used their established logistics centres to deliver the PPE.

Stephens Gaskets created the face visors to ensure that the PPE they are providing was not only safe. But in fact, also comfortable to wear for extended periods of time as the country gets back to work.

As a leading British manufacturer, Stephens Gaskets has the equipment and workforce to produce high-volume quantities. Therefore meeting the increasing demand for face shields that protect people while in the workplace.

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