When it comes to thin shim washers, and other precision machined components, you can trust Stephens Gaskets. As leading shim washers suppliers, we know exactly what we are doing. With over forty years in the manufacturing industry, we are proud to have accumulated a range of skills, knowledge and experience. As a result, we have been able to produce high quality mechanical components for a wide range of industries.


Shim Washers – What are They?

A shim washer is a small circular component that is used to fill a gap within a mechanical device. If there are gaps between different parts inside a mechanism, the risk of unwanted movement is significantly increased. If movement occurs within the empty gaps, there is a high chance that the interiors could be damaged or eroded. By placing a shim washer in the gap, you are filling any unnecessary spaces, and reducing the movement of other components. Therefore, it helps to protect your project’s interior, and potentially make it safer to use.


Thin Shim Washers – Lots to Choose From

Having spent over four decades manufacturing thin shim washers, Stephens Gaskets appreciate that every requirement for a mechanical component can be different from the next. With the aim to provide the most versatile solutions that we can offer, our shims are available in plenty of different materials. Therefore, you can be sure to find the perfect type of shim for your project. From copper and aluminium, to stainless steel and plastic, you can rest easy knowing you’ll find the perfect solution with Stephens Gaskets.


Bespoke Shim Washers

As a well-established shim washer manufacturer, we strive to meet as many customer requirements as we can with our mechanical solutions. With a suite of state-of-the-art machinery, alongside a team of trusted experts, we can create a variety of shim washers. They can be made to a various shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

There are plenty of pre-cut shims to choose from here at Stephens Gaskets. However, we understand that sometimes custom specifications will need to be met. With our bespoke laser cutting service, we can create custom-made shims cut to some of the most intricate of measurements. All without compromising on quality or accuracy.


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